Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Your Wedding Gown Cleaned

This post was originally posted on February 7, 2008

I am one of those brides. The bride who waited to clean her dress. For seven months. I was married in June, rocked my dress on the beach in July, and hung it in the basement until January. I decided it was high time to get the sand out of the bubble hem and have it cleaned and preserved properly.

There are a few places in my area that clean and preserve wedding gowns, but I knew Tami at September's Bride would do a phenomenal job. And I was right - I picked it up and was excited to see my dress again! It is now wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, and I'm able to open the box, and check it out, show it to people, even try it on and enjoy it. Of course, I'm encouraged to wear the little white gloves that come with it, so I do not transfer any oils onto the fabric.

The total cost was $185 for my dress & lace jacket. If my daughter wants to wear it one day (here's hoping!) and ends up saving me a boatload of money in 2034 when dresses will most likely retail for five times what they do now, that's quite the investment!

[photos of fabulous 2009 client, Liz, copyright Lisa Kae Photography]

2 lovely comment(s):

Tyla Feb 10, 2008, 3:48:00 PM  

Haaa - and laughed at me when I said "in case my daughter wants to wear it."

Aletha | Pearls Events Feb 10, 2008, 6:52:00 PM  

Tyla--I know, I totally laughed at you! I have a 99% feeling that NO ONE will ever want to wear it on their wedding day, but maybe one day, I can sew it into a Christening gown for my kids, or grandkids.

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