Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Overall Look at Planning a Wedding

Leslie's colleague was recently engaged and is overwhelmed on where to begin. This post is dedicated to Carolyn...

The wedding day is ultimately about the commitment you make to one another, and in the end, it is all about your marriage. However, I'm in the business of making things fabulous, and get excited when potential clients walk into my office and say "How do we get from inspiration to implementation?"

A wedding planner helps you get from start to finish and although I realize not everyone wants and/or needs to hire a planner, I feel as though most brides could benefit from a little consulting. With many options available in the wedding industry, how do you decide where to have your wedding, what you want it to look like and who you want to hire to work for you? I broke our planning package down into three main sections to overview the planning process. Please do not consider it an exact how-to, but a starting point.

Location -
Couples usually come to me with a geographical location in mind already - where they grew up, where they vacation, where they live now, an exotic location they love, etc. Once we have that, we make a list of all possibly venues within their budget. We make appointments to visit both ceremony & reception venues and figure out which ones will work with their style, budget and dates available. Booking these venues will determine a wedding date, the season and also location - which will all come in handy as you begin designing your wedding.

Design -

Once the venues have been booked, we work on design. I like to start with an inspiration piece. Maybe it's a china pattern, or the color orange. Maybe it's your super swanky venue or possibly a vintage crystal chandelier you spotted. Whatever it is - it makes you stop in your tracks.

We take the inspiration and come up with a color palatte and design ideas. We use these elements on everything from save-the-dates and escort cards to flowers and the cake. Once you have decided on your overall look & feel, stick with it so everything is cohesive.

Vendors -
If your style is modern, you're probably not going to want a traditional photographer. If you want to serve a family style meal to your guests, you're not going to book a caterer who only offers buffet options. We work on finding the right vendors in your budget. Vendor recommendations are quite important and that is why I'm always networking - it makes me confident when giving clients as many quality options as possible.

And when you get overwhelmed - call us! - we're full of ideas & vendor recommendations to get you started on the right track!

[photos copyright K. Holly Studios, photos of Michelle & Brett's May 2nd wedding]

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Vanessa May 20, 2009, 12:30:00 PM  

This is a great post, Aletha! I love reading this blog and looking at the beautiful things you find, create and suggest. But I wanted to comment on this post in particular because it just represents so aptly how passionate you are about what you do and how professional you are. I am inspired that you have single-handedly set up - and made a success of - your own business. Yay for you!

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