Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Isn't it Thematic

Want a quick and simple method for tying everything in your wedding together? Think themes! Now, don't be scared, I'm not talking about carnivals and circuses, but simple, easy themes that can make everything from your invitations and favors, to your table decor and escort cards look like every detail was cut from the same cloth.

Themes can be as easy as choosing a color but can also be used to illustrate something about you and your fiancé. My husband and I love to travel and when we were married we used travel as the theme, incorporating it into everything we did from the invitations (designed to look like real passports), to escort cards (luggage tags), to the menus (plane tickets) and even down to the table names (all places we had traveled together).

A theme doesn’t always have to be complex but it is a little tool that you can use to make choices and design elements simple. Looking for a theme for your big day? Here are some great ideas.

1. Choose a color A color palette is a simple way that every detail can be incorporated. A color such as red can be used in flowers, dresses, stationery and décor.

2. Pick a pattern Use your favorite graphic pattern to pull everything together. Everything from your invitations, napkins and favors, to even a cake topper, escort cards or a photo strip from the photo booth at your wedding can have the same fun design.

3. Manage a monogram Many couples have a monogram designed for their invites, why not carry that through your entire celebration? It can be used on centerpieces, favors, the cake, napkins, every detail you can think of will have your name, or your monogram, on it.

4. Have a hobby You and your fiancé are crazy about coffee and have had many dates at coffee shops, why not incorporate it into your big day1 From a custom coffee bar, to escort cards displayed using coffee beans, to incorporating it into your centerpieces and coffee mugs for all – it will all reflect you.

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