Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's All In The Details | Wedding Fonts

Ever since meeting Deborah Nadel at Engage! 09 :: The Encore, I've been lusting over beautiful calligraphy. So much so, that I am searching for a beginner's class so I can address envelopes more gracefully. Recently, I've fallen head over heels for Kathryn Murray's work (above) used throughout the latest edition of Southern Weddings magazine.

Since hiring a calligrapher is not an option for most brides, finding a font that you love is a great alternative. From the invitations & ceremony programs to escort cards & thank you notes, there will be many printed items, so why not pick a font that reflects your style? I would advise sticking to two or three different fonts that work well together.

Please, meet a new favorite, Adios Script. A huge THANK YOU to Andrea for sharing this lovely font with me.

How you do find a font you love? I suggest peeking at DaFont for starters. There are hundreds of fonts and most, if not all, are free to download for personal use. If you're looking for something for commercial use, like a logo, I advise checking out Veer, which is chock full of great options. Veer fonts are not free, but ones like the gorgeous Adios Script, above, is only $99 - which is much cheaper than hiring a calligrapher.

Since I'm not a font connoisseur, I did a bit of research by polling my Twitter followers. I received some strong opinions and here's the short list of fonts that are overused. I will admit I just downloaded Chopin yesterday and happen to love it, but to each their own!

Scriptina, Zapfino, Papyrus, Comic Sans, Copperplate, Edwardian Script, Lucinda Calligraphy, Rage Italic, Chopin, Porcelain, Voluta Script and Bickham

Happy font shopping!

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