Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Color of the Year | Turquoise

I've been a fan of turquoise, the gem, since I was a kid. In the 1990's, it was most commonly found in Southwest-inspired jewelry that was too big for my preteen self, but I had a small pair of earrings that I loved to death. Fifteen years later, and it's Pantone's choice for color of the year, 2010.

When one of our very sweet brides showed me her bridesmaid gowns, I was excited to know she liked the bold color too. We haven't finalized linens quite yet, but she shared a photo with me that made my heart skip a beat - turquoise & dark silver linens, white flowers with clean lines and candlelight. I cannot wait to do her linen & floral trial with her florist at her modern reception venue come 2010.

Do you plan on incorporating the color of the year into your wedding plans? Did you already chose turquoise as your wedding color before it was announced?

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Lauren Z. Dec 9, 2009, 10:57:00 AM  

Yes!! I guess if you wait around long enough, your favorite things will be the "in things". Lucky for me, it happens to be the year of my wedding :)

Jodi Dec 9, 2009, 2:12:00 PM  

I think we're going to see a lot of bold colors in 2010. I anticipate some pretty fantastic combinations, too. Turquoise is such a fabulous color and I can't wait to see photos of the wedding your planning!

Suzanne Dec 11, 2009, 10:11:00 PM  

i love turquoise too!

abc dragoo Dec 15, 2009, 6:00:00 PM  

I have to laugh. I once did flowers for a wedding where the bride brought in an obviously photo-shopped and well lit picture of teal/turquoise color flowers.

I am sorry, but Mother Nature does not make this color flowers. She just did not understand. "If it's in a magazine, it must exist!" she kept saying... Hopefully this "trend" won't have all the floral designers in the same predicament as I once was!

Aletha | Pearls Events Dec 16, 2009, 10:54:00 PM  

Amy - That IS funny! I am hoping many brides using turquoise will pair it with a gorgeous color that flowers DO come in! So many great color combos to use in that option.

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