Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Planning Tips | The Wedding Registry

Many modern couples have accumulated enough housewares to fill an entire home before saying I Do. Because of this, I often am asked "What do we register for? We already have a house full of things!"

Before you write-off the traditional task of gift registering, consider your guests may prefer to give you a useful gift instead of cash. What is a couple to do when they feel they don't need anything? Plan ahead, upgrade and stock up.

Because I had no idea if and when I would be get married, I donated my college wares, and upgraded to plush towels, a queen-sized bed and matching(!) dishes when I moved into my home. Greg and I had more than enough to get by when we were engaged nearly three years later, but I was excited to upgrade a few things, and also planned on stocking up on essentials for future use.

Currently, our tiny house suits us, however, after we begin expanding our family, we hope to move into a larger place. I cannot wait to unpack our never-been-used, timeless Pottery Barn Great White Dinnerware and Arctic Flatware, which has been lovingly stored since our wedding in 2007. Also arranged on shelves specifically build to store our extras are many of the seldom-used gadgets - including our waffle iron and blender.

Other things new couples can use - plush bath towels, luxurious sheet sets, feather pillows, a down comforter. And remember non-kitchen & bath items are not out of the question - camping gear, small electronics (digital camera, alarm clock), gardening supplies - anything that would be useful to you and your new life together!

And for the couple who truly has everything, you could invite your guests to donate water buffalo, sheep, honeybees, or any meaningful gift from Heifer International in honor of your special day.

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