Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pearls Event Favorite | What I Would Do Differently

A couple months back Aletha looked back on her wedding and wondered what she would do differently and what would stay the same. And now, after having nearly three years to think about it, and being surrounded by weddings, I have come up with my own list!

What I wouldn't change:
1. The guy - Just as Aletha said, I wouldn't change the guy for anything, in fact I would go so far as to be a big dork and marry him all over again every year!

2. All of the personal touches and family traditions we incorporated - My husband was born and raised in France and with most of his family speaking French, not to mention family friends, and we didn't want anyone to feel left out. What we did was include the vows in French inside the program so they could know what we were saying to each other. We also created invitations, menus and a guest book sign in French. To add to the procession of the day we included a French tradition called the "Vin d'honneur," a champagne reception for only family and close friends in between the ceremony and reception.

3. Location - Our venue fit us perfectly and was over the top accommodating. They created a meal that was perfect for us, worked with the unique schedule we asked for and let us party into the night!

4. Photographer - To this day I still look at my wedding album often and am so happy we had the photographer that we did! I love the moments he captured and how he put it all together.

What I would change:
1. Flowers as centerpieces - For my centerpieces I was provided with great vases from my venue but I only filled them with bear grass and one white Lilly, half of which weren't open at the time of my reception! I would definitely have included more flowers, including height and color.

2. Having someone create all the paper products for me - We used a theme for our wedding: travel, so our invitations were passports, our escort cards were luggage tags, our menus were airline tickets, our card box was a suitcase, our tables were named after destinations we had traveled to as a couple, etc., etc. And while I loved all those touches, making the escort cards and programs took WAY too much time!

3. Bridesmaid Gifts - Because I wanted to make everything myself, flowers, escort cards, programs, table signs, decorations, jewelry for my bridesmaids, and on and on, I did not leave enough time to properly thank my lovely bridesmaids for all of their help, love and to show them what they meant to me, and their gifts were drastically lacking! I feel I may need to make it up to them on my next anniversary!

4. Linens - Oh if I knew then, what I know now, famous last words, right? When I was married (in October 2007) I didn't even know about luxurious linens, so I went with standard white. They were floor length, but they were quite drab. Today I would warm up the room and add wonderful textures and color to my tables.

5. Videographer - While we have amazing pictures, I would give anything to be able to watch our vows and parts of our ceremony again, even if I only watch it one more time!

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