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Spotlight | Give Studio

When I first met Anne I could tell she was creative just from sitting with her for five minutes, that and of course how unbelievably sweet she is. Anne and her husband, Brian started Give Studio in 2003 and from then have been designing beautifully unique pieces that will offer you options to celebrate a friend's birthday, send personal stationery, delight in a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation, and even brighten a day with a whimsical "just because card." Hopefully you enjoy Give Studio as much as we have!

How long have you been designing wedding invitations/custom stationery?
Since 2003 when we got married - first invitation design was my own, using an old photograph of my grandma and her three bridesmaids (complete with hideous floral wallpaper and thick-rimmed glasses on the bride).

What inspires you?
I know it sounds cliche to say "everything" but I'm afraid it's true. Once I started using my own photography and doodles in my line, I couldn't stop seeing everything as a potential design. The time I feel most inspired is when I can escape the daily details of work and home, and let my mind push itself creatively.

How does the whole process work with a client?
I work with local and out-of-town clients, but prefer our first meeting to be over coffee so I can get to know the bride (and her various support-people). If the couple is further away, I do the initial meeting through phone or email. One of the things I enjoy the most about creating custom invitations is the ability to capture a couple's personality for their invitations. Since invitations are often the first impression of the wedding, I feel that it's important to start out right!

After the initial meeting, I gather all necessary information for the invitations, then put together a few design ideas for the couple. I pull swatches of color, paper, envelopes, ribbon, etc. so they can get as close a feel for the designs as possible. We narrow it down through tweaks and changes, often combining a couple of different designs. My favorite story from the design phase was working with a sweet bride, her mother, and her sister. When I pulled out the design ideas for them, the bride's mother started crying after seeing her daughter's name on an invitation. It was so beautiful and is why I love my job!

After the final design is decided, I place the appropriate orders and assemble away. I tend to get myself in trouble with time-consuming details, but in the end it's always worth it.

What sort of prices are your invitations/custom stationery?
Since everything is custom, prices definitely vary! I have options so a couple can pick and choose the pieces they'd like, whether it's just an invitation and envelope, or maps, menus, thank you notes and more. Since everything is custom, prices definitely vary! I have options so a couple can pick and choose the pieces they'd like, whether it's just an invitation and envelope, or maps, menus, thank you notes and more. I offer both letterpress and flat-printing in order to accommodate a variety of budgets. For a simple letterpress printed one-color invitation and envelope, prices start at $450 for 100 pieces; flat-printing starts at $250 for 100 pieces.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Depends on the day. Currently loving Phish Food by Ben & Jerry's.

What do you do on your days off?
Is that a trick question? Days off are for people that aren't starting businesses! But here is the hypothetical extracurriculars list, in no particular order: running lots of miles, as much friend-time as possible, making mojitos (current summer favorite) with mint from our trial-garden, dreaming about traveling, dreaming about new product design, reading design blogs, reading smart books and fun books, petting Whiskers the kitten.

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Joy'l Ver Heul Mar 22, 2010, 7:27:00 PM  

I love Give Studio! Anne is so super sweet and does such beautiful work!

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