Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Event Design | Working With Your Venue

Before any decisions are made on colors and other design details, you'll want to consider your venue. And West Michigan is full of unique spaces! Looking for a loft-like space? Check out San Chez and Baker Lofts. Want a traditional ballroom? Don't miss St. George Banquet Hall and Pantlind Ballroom. Pining for a rustic barn? You must see the Blue Dress Barn and Hitching Post Events. Are you feeling a more modern space? Consider EVE at The BOB or the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Why should you consider the space before landing on your event design? For the simple reason that you want everything to flow. If your ballroom is traditional with rich wood, plush carpet, and gold chandeliers, I'd play up what the room already has and accent that beautiful chandelier. By using soft colors on the tables, plenty of candlelight, and lush flowers, you will compliment the ballroom setting nicely.

And although I love a design to compliment a room, I am also one to break the rules. Surprising your guests with a unexpected design is a thrill. Think luscious linens & flowers in a tented, beach celebration where guests may expect starfish, blue and raffia.

For the photo shoot above, we used the same exact design in a modern, loft-like space, and then again in the rustic barn. It works well in both locations because they were pretty neutral to start with. We weren't designing around red velvet drapes, or a black & white tile floor. Instead, the funky lamps, loden green and eggplant linens work well because they compliment both spaces. In my opinion, it's an expected design for the loft-life space, and unexpected in the barn.

So, before falling in love with the pink damask linens and fluffy yellow floral designs, make sure they won't be competing with any red velvet drapes that the venue will NOT remove for you.

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