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In February 2008, I blogged about receiving lines at weddings. When my clients and I start discussing day-of time lines, receiving lines always come up. Last time I chatted about this, I got some great responses I wanted to share.

April shared "We went to each table during the reception, but I also really like the bride and groom releasing the pews...unless you have something like 500 guests :). Then it could take a couple of hours!"

Lisa said "My husband and I made sure we arrived in time for cocktail hour and schmoozed with our guests then. I also like what a friend of mine did, they dropped off a bottle of champagne at each table and toasted their guests."

Heather shared "...I heard of an interesting approach from a client of mine. They attended a wedding where the bride and groom stood by the buffet table and greeted their guests. That way there was only one line to deal with. The caterers had made them up plates before they opened the buffet. Once the last guest where greeted they went to their table and enjoyed dinner with their guests."

Here are a few more ideas that I shared in 2008...

1. Bride & groom receiving line - an option if you want a formal receiving line, but without the awkwardness of every guest hugging everyone in the wedding party.

2. Release by pews - where the couple returns to the ceremony and releases each row, greeting each guest as they file out.

3. Greeting each table
- the couple walks around to each table at the reception and greets the whole table at once.

4. Receiving line at the reception
- the emcee will announce that the couple will be greeting guests on the dance floor during cocktail hour (or whenever!)

5. None at all
- you don't HAVE to receive your guests. I usually tell couples to make an effort to greet guests that you don't see very often - your mom's Aunt Eloise, your parent's best friends from college, your former babysitter, etc. Since your friends will most likely be dancing the night away with you, there is no need to formally greet them, if you'd rather not.

I'd love some more ideas to share if you have them!

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brit Apr 27, 2010, 2:49:00 PM  

I love your last point about not having to do one. We'll have nearly 250 to 300 guests at the wedding, and as selfish as it may sound, I want to enjoy my wedding. I will say hi to those we hardly see, but I'll be dancing away all night!

And, we generally tell our clients to do what feels comfortable. If they do a receiving line, we just need to make sure it works in their schedule.

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