Thursday, April 8, 2010

Your Wedding Day Manicure with Essie

I have never been a huge fan of french manicures. For some reason, even when done professionally at the salon, at least one of the white tips will chip within a day or so. And since no new wedding ring deserves to slip onto chipped nails, I wanted to share my favorite wedding day nail polish color - Ballet Slippers from Essie. Since Essie's site is flash, you'll have to go to their collection, here, and type in 'ballet slippers' to actually see it.

The reason it is my favorite polish? I only need one coat to get the faintest shade of pink, and even if it does chip, I can hardly tell because it's so close to my natural color.

While checking out Essie's site, I noticed their wedding collection, which seems to have some great shades included. Since I haven't personally used any of them, I cannot guarantee I'll like them as much as Ballet Slippers, however I would absolutely check out some of these faint shades for your big day if you're considering a (non-french) manicure!

Now if we are talking about pedicures - I'm more of a "bring on the color" kinda gal, with my current favorite shade being OPI's Deer Valley Spice, and my old favorite Cha-Ching Cherry.

What is your favorite polish shade? I would love to add some new ones to my growing collection!

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Jennifer Apr 8, 2010, 1:38:00 PM  

I went through a very dark red phase for a while, but now I have a hard time finding nail polishes that complement my skin tone. I adore the colors you posted above, but I am very fair skinned and I have yellow undertones, so while I love pinks, they never look good on me. I went pink for my wedding and my quintessential "peep toe" shoe shot looks horrid! LOL! I learned my toes do not look good in most shades of pink.

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