Monday, May 3, 2010

Great Find | Haute Contour by Spanx

I have been a fan of Assets, (the cheap) version of Spanx, for a few years. I purchased a pair (naturally, at Target...) before my own wedding, and have literally worn them out. I wear them under skirts, dresses, and even my dress pants. They make everything fit a little better, a little smoother.

In July, I'll be donning a bridesmaid dress for the first time in years, and although the dress is adorable, and fits me well, I know I'll feel more confident with a little smoothing action. And after getting my hair & makeup done for my friend's big day, I want to look smashing in my black bridesmaid dress.

This time around, I was ready to upgrade; I went for the good stuff and ordered a Slim Cognito. After looking around the site, I was delighted to see that Sara Blakely has finally designed something pretty, as well as functional, which she has named Haute Contour.

In the Haute Contour collection, there are some beautiful options, with my favorites being above. Anyone who has tried Spanx or Assets, or any supportive underpinnings for that matter, knows they are not usually the most attractive or sexy pieces, however with Haute Contour I think Ms. Blakely is raising the bar.

Check out the entire Haute Contour collection if you're looking for a pretty alternative to Spanx for your wedding day!

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