Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating with Sparklers

Sparkler exits have been popular for years and with the Fourth of July holiday quickly approaching, I'm sure there are many summer brides planning on this grand exit this very weekend! Although it looks perfect in photos, coordinating this exit strategy is no easy task.

We have coordinated two sparkler exits in the past six weeks - one for Lauren & Greg on May 22nd and another for Emily & Tyler on June 4th. While it seems passing out sparklers and getting them going would only take moments, the reality is that you need to get all of your guests outside and assembled properly, which with 100+ people can take up to 20 minutes, especially if you're luring them away from a dance floor & an open bar.

After guests have their sparklers in-hand, you need to light them at about the same time so the newlyweds can gallivant through the middle & hop into their getaway vehicle. Easy, right? Well, the 36" long sparklers, which burn for four minutes, are difficult to light with a lighter, and with an ordinary match - forget about it. Sometimes a few 10" sparklers will be provided to help get them going, however in the past, these have gone missing.

We have found the easiest way to light the industry-strength sparklers are with tealight candles. Having candles burning, and available for guests to start their sparkler works quite well. And the sparklers tend to light best from one another, so getting a few going, and then "passing the flame" works well too.

My advice if you don't have a coordinator to handle this task, is to have your emcee make an announcement to gather outside to send the newlyweds off, have a few friends ready to pass out sparklers to each guests & make sure everyone is lined up properly, and then start a few sparklers on each end of the line you've created and have each guests pass their flame to the person next to them. You'll also need a fire-proof receptacle to gather the hot wires when finished - and be careful, the metal is hot!

It's such a dramatic exit - and one I absolutely love!

To save some money, don't order enough sparklers for each guest attending. While you may think everyone will stay until the end, chances are a few guests will leave prior to the newlyweds taking off.

Happy Fourth of July, United States readers! Have a safe & happy holiday. We have a wedding on Saturday and cannot wait to celebrate with them!

[top photo of Lauren & Greg, copyright Kelly Braman Photography; bottom two photos of Emily & Tyler, copyright Kai Heeringa Photography]

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