Friday, September 17, 2010

Pearls Events Favorite | Vita Dolce Chocolates

A year and a half ago, I sat down with Jessica & Dana from Vita Dolce Chocolates over a glass of sangria at The B.O.B. one Sunday. Chatting with these ladies about their premium chocolate treats was about the best way I could think to spend that afternoon.

A few months later, they asked if I'd be willing to help style their chocolates for a shoot with Daniel J. Pesta. Um, let me think - of COURSE I WOULD!!!! I ended up stopping by my grandmother's house right after the shoot and sharing a bit of the goodies with her, and I will tell you she has NOT stopped talking about them.

Today, I'm anxiously awaiting 70 favors to show up on my doorstop for a Ladies Luncheon my grandmother is hosting on Tuesday. I am not going to lie when I think they might be the very best favors you could ever spoil your guests with and I'm very excited to set each one at their place setting.

If you're looking for a unique and amazing! favor, get in touch with Jessica or Dana at Vita Dolce Chocolates for some amazing, custom wedding favors.

We did a Q&A in March of 2009 if you're interested in learning more about them & Vita Dolce Chocolates.

[photos by Amy Wenzel & Daniel J. Pesta]

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