Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspiring Holiday Decor

This time of year, the holiday catalogs begin arriving at my doorstep. And this year, because I've been working on our overall home decor, I'm ready to change my holiday decor over too. Instead of the same decorations I've had for the past five years, I'll be switching from festive red & green to sparkly white & silver. I've found new stockings & a tree skirt, finally found a large group of white ornaments, and am still working on the tabletop displays I enjoy putting together (tabletop because we don't have a mantle, so I substitute our sofa table!)

Every year Pottery Barn creates the most luxurious displays that make me wish a.) I had a fireplace mantel in the first place, b.) I could splurge on all the fancy trimmings, and c.) I could begin putting them all up NOW!

My practical side says I will wait until the day after Thanksgiving to cut our fresh tree down, and hang the here I wait.

What I love about all the decor inspiration that comes my way is seeing the different color palettes they put together. Sure, most of them are quite predictable, but others make me think twice about mixing gold & silver in event decor. If you've been reading for a while, you may remember my client who mixed gray & chocolate brown (and I about had a heart attack...) however, in the end I LOVED how it turned out.

Sit down with a cup o' cocoa and soak in all the holiday decor catalogs this season. Maybe you'll be inspired as you plan your next event - whether it be a dinner party for eight, or a wedding reception for 180.

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