Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Photography is Important to Me

When I was planning my own wedding four years ago, there weren't too many "must-haves" on my list. Our budget was a modest $15,000 and I wasn't working in the wedding industry at the time. All I cared about was marrying Greg, wearing the gown I had fallen in love with, and having beautiful photos of the day. We had a great deejay, little cakes as centerpieces and Jones Sodas as favors, but nothing was considered fancy or over-the-top by any means.

I have talked about what I would do differently if I were to marry Greg now, however what I am still SO happy with are our wedding photos. The series above is from when I saw my grandmother for the first time that day, during family photos. She was admiring my gown, and I LOVE the way Jen Kroll captured this moment without me even realizing it.

Photography is important to me because after the wedding day, it's one of the only tangible things you have left to remember the day. Many of our clients choose to work with phenomenal photographers, and because of that, we have an amazing portfolio to share with you. The best part about getting married in Michigan? We have the most photographers (seriously!) to work with. There are stellar options in every price point so you're certain to find someone you want to capture your big day.

And because photography is important to me, the first thing we did when we found out we were going to be parents, is book Mindy Leigh for maternity, newborn, six month & one year photos of our first child. We don't even have a crib yet!

[photos copyright Jen Kroll Photography]

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