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Real Wedding 2011 | Lis & Troy

Couple | Lis & Troy, 12.9.12

Ceremony & Reception & Florist | Goei Center & Eastern Floral
Photographer + Photobooth | Jill DeVries
Catering & Beverages | Martha's Vineyards
Doughnuts | Robinette's
Band | Pleasuretown
Pearls Events Service | Event Coordination & Set Up

Lis & Troy's love for one another is infectious. Thinking about their day almost two months ago makes me smile. And it helps we are having coffee this week to have a wedding recap catch up date.

Lis & I are no strangers. She happens to be the sister of one of my 2008 clients, Kathryn. Also, Lis used to play in a quartet, which many of my clients in 2008 & 2009 used. Right after Eames was born, she called to chat about her upcoming wedding. It was the first phone call from a potential client that I was so excited about. See, I was beginning to think I wanted to close up shop, but Lis' call reminded me why I LOVE my job, and am so thankful that I get to work with super-sweet people. Add Troy, and it was a wedding planner's dream couple.

I'm gushing. Sorry. Moving right along...

Lis & Troy did one of my absolutely favorite things on the day of their wedding - they greeted their own guests as they arrived at the ceremony. Yep - no hiding for this bride; she was out hugging guests, as was Troy, as everyone made their way into the Goei Center for the ceremony.

With many different people - friends and family - taking part in their ceremony, I must admit it was one of my favorites to date. Non-traditional and completely them. Full of fantastic readings and reflections. After the marriage was official, guests made their way into the dining room, after grabbing their escort cards and checking out the raw space that the Goei Center is.

I had spent the morning & afternoon setting up the space, and I admit it looked fabulous! We used gray linens, tons of vintage books collected by the bride & groom, red pears, fresh white flowers, and tons of candles to make the room absolutely glow.

The family-style dinner from Martha's Vineyards was delicious. And my favorite was the Shepherd's Pie, a nod to their love for England! The doughnuts were adorably displayed for dessert, and their band, in which the groom is a member of, rocked all. night. long with the highlight of the evening being the bride & groom playing Come on Eileen together. It was a night their guests will soon not forget, and neither will Stephanie & I! We had a blast!

Lis & Troy - thank YOU so much for calling me and reminding me why I love my job. I wish you nothing but the best in years to come and look forward to following along on your journey.

**this is a very small sample of images from Jill DeVries. To see even more photos of their day, please check out Jill's post here**

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